Trends in Housing

Most Americans Want a Walkable Neighborhood, 

Not a Monster House.

Historically, the symbol of American success often involves having the biggest house possible, but our outsized fantasies seem to be shifting. 
According to a new survey, more than three quarters of us consider having sidewalks and places to take a walk as one of our top priorities when deciding where to live.
[Note: This article, in January 2012, is by a New York Journalist. I suspect that the Australian trend is also back to more land for outdoor living, own grown vegetables and private gardens.]

For once, our preferences align with our impending reality.

The housing bust exposed that the McMansion phenomenon is unsustainable

In another study in 2010, the ideal number of square footage people desired for their houses dropped dramatically
It's becoming increasingly clear that the American dream of buying a big house will need to be revised for the youngest generation.

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