Tree Change

Owner Build a Tree Change in Springwood - Eco Bush Retreat

Underground Services, including Broadband fast internet are already installed.

The Blue Mountains National Park was awarded World Heritage listing, largely on the basis of Eucalypt Diversity.

Why not reintroduce a Koala colony? or build a Blue Mountains Mammal Sanctuary
  • acres with - 
  • fast internet, 
  • adjacent to the National Park, 
  • close to Sydney, with a 
  • huge passing tourist trade in the Blue Mountains, 

the business possibilities are endless.

Sell the excess at one of several local Farmers Markets or direct to a local Fruit & Veg Shop
Propagate Natives - there is a demand for Regeneration Plants from this area, but no supplier
Build a Noxious Weed removal & Bush Regeneration Training business. After months of rain, every local  landowner will need help