Land Value

Land Only 
The Government Valuer General says the unimproved capital value is $320,000.
Plus it is worth considerably more because of -
  1. Location, Location, Location - justified elsewhere on this site.
  2. Improvements - listed elsewhere on this site.
Australian Investments are Safe
Summary of Report - The Weekend Australian, March 3-4, 2012, P13. Eight years ago, Mr. Hong Richao, 27, was forced to leave his 1.3ha plot in Wukan, which his family had farmed for 600 years. Land confiscation & corruption is still rife in China. Village Committee are elected in theory but in practice they are strictly controlled by the Communist Party which directs who will take the top positions. On December 10, Hong was tossed into the local detention center with Xue Jiabao. "I could hear Xue's screams of pain". Police insist Xue died of natural causes.
Hong's land was confiscated by the local Communist Party Official who has run the village as would an emperor for 30+years. This is a common story across China and officials have warned that this corruption poses the biggest threat to the party's grip on power. Land seizures go to the heart of the vital property arm of China's economic model. Land sales have been the key funding source for China's thousands of local governments. 

Fortunately, my land is FREEHOLD in Australia, and while the local Council is reportedly difficult to deal with, all my contacts there are very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Nan Tien Temple (3 hours away) is the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. It was built in 1991 and is staffed by women, exclusively, because it was deemed to be the safest location in the world. 

Further up the mountain, the weather is renowned as cold & wet - akin to London weather.
Springwood is in the lower Blue Mountains. It is above the smog & heat of the Sydney Western Suburbs. Some years ago, National Geographic Mag listed it as one of the two best places to live, in the world. So I am told. If anyone can find that, please pass it to me. Having lived here for 20+ years, I can attest to the findings.

Location for Building
What will this be worth in 20 years? Springwood is now a suburb of Sydney. The double lane road across the Blue Mountains is close to completion. Tourism is growing with considerable advertising. It was always known that it would become a premier location for Sydney residents - why else would so many wealthy people have built here - 
Because, just like the Eastern Suburbs, the land availble it is similarly surrounded and constrained by nature. The Eastern Suburbs by water, the lower Blue Mountains by the National Park.  

Location - Unique Building Approval
Everyone who values nature, wants to build in it, not on the edge of it, next to Suburbia.
Currently the LEP prohibits building in bush, so be careful buying acres in the Blue Mountains - you get to pay higher Council Rates, but the only place you will be allowed to build is next to the road and other houses. - unless you have a Unique opportunity. My site was approved 20 years ago, before the LEP rules. Plus, because I have already spent a lot, I have "substantial commencement".  
That means that the original Development Approval, with all its cans & cants, is still valid for the next 79 years.