Dance Partner

Woman wanted to learn dancing,
              with a 63yo Huskisson man who wants to re-learn Ballroom & Rock & Roll, plus learn Latin & Swing (Lindy Hop).

Reasonably fit but with OMM disease (old man's memory), so I need at least 3 sessions per week (2 hours each) to improve, fast enough.

Wanted wish list,
  • Woman (dancing with another guy is just no fun)
  • Max height 5' 11"
  • Slim and reasonably fit - so we can do some jumps and small lifts.
  • Ballroom experience - R&R is easy to pick up. Ideally the woman will be able to do a basic waltz, cha-cha and jive.
  • Marital status is irrelevant - just need availability. I am retired, so any time - day or night, any days.
  • Age is irrelevant 

Please ring Allan. 0416022004