Unique Home Site: Location + Privacy + Approvals + Substantial Commencement - suit Owner Builder

Opportunity For Sale
DIY Holiday Home
360 degree privacy - for life for you and your great grand kids.

All approvals are up-to-date (not now March 2015)
All the hard / expensive work has been done.

Big: 3.5 hectares (8.5 acres)
Close: 1.5 Klm to Springwood Village & Railway
Privacy: Can never be built out (or even in sight).
Unique Location: Subsequent LEP rules stop building away from the roads.

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Kangaroos need a Sanctuary in Springwood

Business Opportunities to Work from Home
Wealth Strategy  for Baby Boomers 
Looking from the house site to the nearest neighbour - 
cannot see anyone, and 
that's the way it will always stay - private.

New [same day] Offering from an old bloke

Web Setup 4 You. $100
  • Your Domain Name (maybe www.Marge4travel.com)
  • I'll set it up, to your design
  • First years hosting
  • You can change the content (&/or I can do it) anytime!
see my contact details below.
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 Google+ page: Homesteading DIY

People looking at this Opportunity
will be GOAL driven

Build a Holiday Home -
              start your own Dynasty.
Buy your kid a job
Provide a Safe Haven 4 Investment
Self Manage your Super 
                and / or
Do Something - for the environment 
Create a Kangaroo Sanctuary
Create a Meditation Retreat
Study Bio Diversity
Learn Bush Regeneration
Research / Prototype Bio-Char
Work from Home / Own Business - millions of unique possibilities

This is best suited to those unique people who 
  1. want to build with their own hands, 
  2. have cash to do it and 
  3. who are passionate about the Australian Bush.
Most people, sadly, are followers - want to engage a Builder to make a Brick Veneereal Mac Mansion. Sadly, that mono-culture is destroying our civilization. 
            Dare to be Different - Diversify in everything.

Why invest in the Blue Mountainshttp://www.scenicworld.com.au/ 

Contact the owner - Too bloody old to build this
Allan Niass
+61 2 44437237
Mob: 0416022004
Skype: eftpos4u
Owner Build a Holiday Home www.diyholidayhome.com  
Blog: http://eftpos4u.blogspot.com/
Twitter: eftpos4u  http://twitter.com/eftpos4u